NCDevCon 2013 Schedule

NCDevCon 2013 Schedule

NCDevCon 2013 (tentative) session schedule is up. The topics seem quite interesting and varied : From “Web Penetration and Hacking Tools” (David Epler) to “Better UI/UX with Bootstrap : A Developer’s Primer” (Steve Keator) to “Getting Control of Your Asynchronous JavaScript” (Bucky Schwarz). I am picking the sessions to attend.  Looks like I will be able attend around 11 sessions in 2 days, if that is all I do while I am there. Sometimes, there are good reasons to not attend a session : The conferences are for networking as well as for learning. If I strike an interesting conversation with someone, I will not hesitate to skip a session. Sometimes, an impromptu group discussion sparks wonderful ideas and accelerate […]

Get Your Windows 8 Start Menu Back With Pokki

I like the new Windows 8 experience. Start screen with live tiles is awesome. But I have been missing the Start Menu when I am on the desktop. There are plenty of rumours that Microsoft will bring back the Start Menu in the next version of Windows – Windows Blue. Until then, you can use one of many third party utilities for that functionality – ClassicShell, Start8 and Pokki. I started using Pokki. And I love it. It feels like my world is whole again. Pokki is free. If you want to do what I did, after installing it, open settings and make these changes:

Protecting Your Api Keys

I am working on a Windows 8 app (details to follow in a subsequent post) and the code is published in a public repo on github. My app uses third-party APIs and after I committed the first cut to github, I realized that I had included my api keys in the code. The whole world had access to my keys. I did not want to publish the developer keys for those APIs to the entire world. When the app will be released and distributed, those keys will need to be included in the app somehow. Once the keys are out there they can not be 100% protected from a determined mind. So, why bother? Why would I want to hide […]

Switched to Thematic

I have switched to Thematic theme on this blog over the weekend. I created a child theme after playing around with the customization hooks. I added a widgetized area below main asides, did some css modifications and created a three column, flexible layout just the way I wanted. I am so glad I switched to Thematic. ThemeShaper forums are very helpful. These articles were just what I needed to get started : How to make a child theme for WordPress and How I used a WordPress Child Theme To Redesign My Blog.