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  1. ScrumEdge (http://www.scrumedge.com) enables agile development teams to better organize and manage project deliverables, allowing them to deliver high quality products in short time-frames.

    With ScrumEdge you’ll no longer need to deal with shared excel-sheets or walls covered in post-its! The icing on the cake is the ease with which Scrum Masters and Team Members can access their data and view a project’s progress from any location; office, home or even while traveling!

  2. Hi Ash,

    Would you mind also adding Bright Green Projects to your list? Bright Green is a lightweight, Agile Project Management Tool allowing your team to;

    Prioritize requirements, stories and issues in a backlog.
    Plan Iterations/Sprints and Releases.
    Build estimates and track your velocity across sprints.
    Allocate requirements and issues to developers for build and test.
    Track progress with a Kanban Wall and Burn Down Charts.
    Store images, videos and documents against all stories or issues.
    Use an audit trail to keep track of all changes.



  3. Scrum Tool is a simple desktop app to support the traditional white board based sprints. It is very lightweight but you can drag and drop stories to sort them in backlog by importance.
    You can print story cards very easily.
    A unique and extremely useful feature in Scrum Tool is tagging. You can find stories in a long backlog by tags easily.
    Current version is freely available for Windows and Linux.

  4. I am here to promote the tool, I am developing: XPlanner-Plus.
    You all must have heard of XPlanner, so my tool is based on it. It’s very simple for understanding, open source, scrum tool. It’s ready for use and the current releases can be downloaded on sf.net New features are under intensive development.

  5. Hi,

    Take a look to iceScrum, our tool offers everything that is in Scrum :

    – The role management: Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Team member and StakeHolder
    – The product backlog management with advanced features for prioritizing stories
    – Scrum lifecycle including a roadmap view
    – Release planning
    – Sprint backlog, as a task board facilitating the Scrum ceremonial
    – Management of impediments
    – Chart production such as burndown charts, velocity charts, cumulative flow diagram

    And offers others agile practices like :

    – Roadmap
    – Vision
    – Features
    – User stories
    – Acceptance tests associated to stories
    – User roles
    – Planning poker

    And of course it’s free and open source 😉

    Demo / Download

  6. Hi! Thanks for including our Scrum tool – the Banana Scrum – in your list. I wonder if you checked it out after March 2009 – in fact in April 2010 we’ve released a major update bringing a whole new UI and a selection of additional features. It is now also available for installation on your own servers to be run inside corporate firewalls. Would be glad to learn what you think of it now.

  7. Ash, nice list of tools here, although, there are a couple that are missing. 🙂

    Have you tried using Axosoft’s scrum tool OnTime for development?

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