Remove ListBoxItem Highlighting

A Silverlight/Wpf ListBoxItem is highlighted when selected or when the mouse hovers over it.

I need to display a list of items that are not highlighted when selected. This is a common scenario when displaying an inactive list for simply listing out some information.

ListBoxItem’s default template can be easily inspected and modified using Expression Blend – Select a ListBoxItem in Objects and Timeline pane, Right click and select Edit template > Edit a Copy. Name you template and save it at the scope of your choice.

This will create a copy of the template and allow you to modify it. Switch to the xaml view. Locate the VisualStates of MouseOver, Selected and Focused, and blank them out –


The style is applied to the ListBoxItems using ItemContainerStyle –


Here is the xaml style for the ListBoxItem –

After the style is applied, the ListBoxItems are not highlighted when selected or focused. Here is a live demo of a ListBox that does not highlight when items are selected : remove-listboxitem-hlighting-demo

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  1. Thank you Ash!
    You’re a lifesaver.
    I googled for hours and came across all kinds of solutions that just didn’t work.
    Yours worked right away!

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