5 thoughts on “Do not learn another programming language”

  1. Well I’ll have to disagree with your statement to not learn another programming language. There are some cases when you can’t avoid “not to learn”.
    For example I started coding in php, but I kept run into client side problems and I had eventually to start learning javascript. Not only to make my code faster via ajax calls but also to improve the user side. This is just an examen, it’s always better to analyze your options and decide how it will improve your work if you are going to learn a new programming language.

  2. I think the point Tewari is trying to make is to not limit yourself to just the programming aspect of software design.

  3. I really like this perspective, I think your point is a little “bait-y” but it’s a good one. As programmers we speak the language of systems well but being versed in a visual language I think empowers programmers more than they realize.

    Paul Graham wrote an essay on this subject about hacking and painting. I think learning a musical instrument is equally powerful…

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