Session Recommendations for SoCal Code Camp @ USC

SoCal Code Camp is coming up on November 21st & 22nd 2009 at University of Southern California, Los Angeles. There is just an incredible lineup of sessions. If you are trying to make up your mind about the sessions to attend, here are my recommendations –

1. Attend as many of Llewellyn Falco’s and Woody Zuill‘s sessions as you can. Specially, Unit Testing The Easy Way and one of the Dojo sessions. Any one of these sessions will make your entire trip worthwhile.

2.Kristian Hermansen’s Get Hacked Live ..

3. Stacey Broadwell’s Using Technology & Social Media to Target Candidates & Jobs should be very useful. I attended her recent presentation at L.A. Dot Net @ UCLA, it was very informative.

4. and of course If it walks like a Scrum … by yours sincerely.

I am planning to attend as many of the following sessions as the schedule allows –

* Algorithmic Trading in C#
scott hodson

* Automated Grid layout in Silverlight and WPF
Richard Fencel

* Building nTier Applications with Entity Framework Services
David McCarter

* Experiencing Agile Through Games
Carlton Nettleton

* Interoperability in the Cloud
Alejandro Espinoza

* Rapid Prototyping with Expression Blend
mark bosley

* One of Paul Sheriff’s WPF presentations

* SCRUM CLUB: Agile Requirements Gathering Workshop!
Amanda Abelove

See you there !

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